Our Brands

La Pasta Bella!.  A simple meal of pasta, olive oil, garlic, tomatoes and freshly grated parmesan cheese over handcrafted pasta.  Pastabella! is rolled, cut and air dried.  The texture is light and tender, homemade.  The superior flavor comes from quality ingredients; vegetable powders, herbs and seasoning.  There are no artificial flavors, colors nor oils added to the pasta. 

Florence Pasta Market is inspired by Thomas Jefferson, considered to be the first person to bring the pasta machine to the New World.  At Monticello they made pasta and served it for dinner.  Thomas Jefferson was fascinated with all things Italian including food.  When visiting Italy Jefferson was so enchanted by the pasta shops in the streets he sent his secretary to Naples to procure a pasta machine.  In Charlottesville we still make our own pasta utilizing the same Italian technique. Enjoy and let the fine flavor of the pasta take you to Italy too.
Francesca's Vegan Pasta is named after and inspired by our founder's granddaughter, whose compassion for animals led her to go vegan.  She has shown us that choosing vegan foods doesn't mean skimping on flavor. A delicious choice for a heart healthy, animal-friendly meal.